By day, Michi Muzyka spends her time solving puzzles and anticipating how other people think, developing and navigating rough user experience terrain. While pursing the perfect functionality, she conceives beautiful visuals to highlight the strength of each feature, yet provides consistency with both brand and platform. With a bold color palette, clean lines and strong negative spaces, her designs come to life for the viewer.

By night, she makes analog cut paper sculptures working closely with digital technologies, she constructs intricate patterns of paper fungus growth. As a child, her environmentalist father told horror stories of the dangers of mold lurking in the walls, creating childhood nightmares of stealthy creeping organisms slowly taking over her room.  Her work references the dichotomy of nature and technology, the organic versus the synthetic, and the digital versus the analog. 

She also spends her time writing songs and playing the ukulele. She resides in Jersey City, NJ. 

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